Addressing Requirements for Life

I always recommend getting low light and low maintenance plants to start your journey and then working your way up.

Plants and Style Should not Just Coexist, They Should Compliment One Another

Maybe it’s because design school nailed it into my brain. Maybe it’s because I live in a psychosis where everything must look exactly as I want. My over-arching point is that your home goods should be styled in conjunction with your plants. The pots you choose should accent your home and the type of plants should too. Form follows function is what I’m getting at here. Plants can be functional (like the ones we eat or the ones we use to heal ourselves), but they can also be beautiful and simply add to the home purely for aesthetic purposes. This message is mostly for the people out there who place their plants in the plastic planters that they purchased them in. Please, if you decide to fill your home with any plants, at least follow this one rule. Plant your plants in new pots!

In Conclusion

Plants are a fun hobby that bolster air quality and home design and are overall low-risk life forms. That is if you kill a plant, the worst that can happen is a plant is well, dead.

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