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Final Capstone Project
University of Washington


Urban Digs is an innovative infrastructure that will disrupt and transform the way that consumers currently shop for houseplants.

This temporary flash retail space will help increase sales for larger retailers, and give consumers easier access to beautiful and healthy home additions.

Urban Digs will partner with large retail clients to provide a carefully curated selection of  indoor plants on their own sales floor. The assortment of plants will vary depending on the season and availability of inventory. Due to its compact nature, Urban Digs can be easily assembled, disassembled, and transported to new locations. 

Ideally, Urban Digs would partner with stores such as West Elm, Crate & Barrel, CB2, and Pottery Barn to position indoor plants as home decor essentials. After browsing around for planters and other various home decor options, consumers would stumbleupon Urban Digs, and their beautifully curated selection of houseplants. They would then be able to browse, inspect, and ultimately decide upon which plant they’ll add to their home. Instead of having to transport the plant home with them via car or public transit, all plants will be shipped direct to consumer. 

Using an iPad POS system within the shop, consumers will use the Urban Digs website to select, finalize, and place their orders. Consumers will also be shown a 360-degree view of their plant, allowing them to see the color, size, and and space it will take up in their home. Their newly decided upon plant will then be promptly shipped to them in beautifully designed, protective, and eco-friendly packaging. These plants will be shipped from local nurseries in the area that Urban Digs has partnered with. This way plants will not have to travel far, or be shipped on a plane.

Full Case Study Coming Soon…

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