What is Motis? What part did I play?

Organizations are struggling with complex people issues—leadership, manager development, culture and teamwork are but a few. Designing workplace systems for people demands more than just popular ideas, certifications, affinity, or experience. Motis is uniquely positioned to innovate. They are former academics and business owners, who know the cutting-edge, scientific research related to people. They also have extensive international business experience working with people, cultures and organizations.

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Motis is a startup company. I was the only designer on the team and tasked with creating and refining their logos, illustrations, icons, color palette, and entire visual system. I also created/refined their website!







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Grow Software
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Consulting Services

They prefer to partner with you for the long term and work alongside until your organization is functioning at its best.


Motis Grow Software

People development is the center of performance culture. Motis Grow is a cloud-based, software application created to provide a personalized career development experience for each employee.



Motis also performs a comprehensive audit evaluating your organization’s performance against their 8 Metrics of High Performing Organizations™

Making the logo for Motis People…

The logo I created for Motis people needed to be friendly, inviting, and all about people. I also wanted to stay close to its original roots. Motis started out as a software app with a leaf logo. I decided to keep this in mind as I experimented with new icons. I used leaf-like figures in my sketches.

My idea was that I wanted the icon to not be immediately recognized as a leaf because Motis has grown and morphed into so much more than the software app it started as. Something simple, geometric, and easily scalable was the direction I headed. The team and I eventually decided on the genetic icon paired with the elegant logotype of "Motis," in the font Canela was best.

Ask, Meeting, Design breif: Assignment, Brief and overview meeting with the team, Onboarding to product/services.
Brainstorm, Keynote, Iteration: The next stage was my own approach since I was the sole designer. I made first iterations and presented concepts in Keynotes for the board.
Present, Meeting, Feedback: After refining concepts from the initial brainstorm and initial meeting, I presented more concrete ideas. I used feedback from stakeholders to create more collateral.
Create, Brand, Evaluate: After concept refinements and meetings over the months, I created a final branding identity for the company.
Launch & Implement Collateral: After delivering marketing collateral, website, iconography and branding idenity we launhced the first iteration of the product.