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Pushpay + CCB



“Tallon! This app is amazing! Great job, thank you!”

— Robyn, Mid-market Implementation

Results that are measurable. Overall, Pushpay is a metrics-driven organization.

Creating mobile applications for customers and clients all over the world—from Australia and New Zeland to Canada and the US. Pushpay is publicly traded in the Australian and New Zeland stock exchanges and serves thousands of customers.

My job at Pushpay is to create custom apps and media solutions for customers and clients alike. Our in-depth design, research, and implementation process delivers the best mobile solutions for churches and non-profits on the market.

As an app designer with Pushpay we are not only tasked with creating apps for the clients, but we also create a connection during the build and launch phase with both customers and implementation teams. This connection with the customer is also long-lasting. We keep in close contact during all phases of the app development and continue that contact throughout the life cycle of the app.

Keeping track of these customers, cases, and other design requests can be a challenging task. Pushpay customer success teams make use of Salesforce Lightning services to allocate tasks and keep tabs on the health of the apps and services. I am regularly deep-diving into Salesforce to create cases, update information, distribute information/analytics to the proper teams.

C3 Customer Church & Rentention Project

C3 Tri-Cities is a very large church located in eastern Washington. Pushpay and C3’s partnership has been ongoing for years. Recently, between COVID19 and other cost associated problems, C3 came to us concerned that they might need to leave Puhspay and explore other options.

They were using another company for app design and products. It appeared that they were not leveraging all of the tools we had offered. In order to ensure that Pushpay’s products would remain beneficial to them, we redesigned their app and constructed a whole new experience for their users.

This project was a team effort between another team member, Maddie, and I. Maddie was in charge of the information architecture and content gathering and I was in charge of the visual and UX design.

The video below showcases a walkthrough of the app.


Potential Loss of Sale


C3 Tri Cities

What We Did

UI/UX Mobile App Re-design


Maddie Takata (Enterprise App Design), Eli Johnerson (Account Management)

Design Research,

Prospecting and Ideation

Before designs had begun we needed to research their current offers, get information on their target market, and align the design with current branding. Meetings with the customer revealed that they focus on having a digital presence and online check-ins that track attendance. The document below shows a few pages of the research and prospecting document that I created to help inform my design.

Global & Mobile Problems & Solutions


  • Churches struggle to keep younger demographics engaged and participating in events.

  • Often times giving is on the decline with younger demographics.

  • Staying connected to large congregations that are on a slow growth track becomes more challenging as members and attendance rise.

  • Often times churches offer a  simple lack of accessibility to all types of people.

Global Solutions

Pushpay + CCB
  • Online giving solutions & text to give.
  • Donor dashboard & development tracking for backend users.
  • Management systems for clients.
  • Mobile and event landing pages.
  • Mobile App & design offerings.


  • Giving is an in-person transaction. This limits the way churches obtain donations from younger generations who often don’t use checks, carry cash, and show up for in-person events.

  • Online sermons and events are hard to find and only limited to the desktop screen.

  • Emails and bulletins are not an effective way of communicating with congregation members.

Digital Solutions

UI & UX Design (My Team)
  • Wireframing and user flow outlines. 
  • Customer & Client meetings for restrains, needs, design specs, and imagery.
  • Event Registration and Custom integrations.
  • Beautiful and easy-to-use mobile experiences for all ages.