University of Washington


Interface Design 1
  • Mobile Application Walkthrough
  • Two Microinteractions
  • Poster

iPhone X App

For this project, the task was to redesign an existing mobile application and add a feature to it. I was assigned the Speak + Translate app that was ridden with pop up ads and doesn’t have the cleanest design.


After some user testing and experimenting with other translate apps I came to the conclusion that a blue and purple interface would work best. Its neutral, professional and is a common color palette for translation apps. This way, with new features like location-based cards, the user would still feel at home in this new, cutting-edge translation app.

Card Purple


Blue Grey


Washed Blue



A walkthrough of the iPhone app and “microinteraction” videos to really show how the app would function, look, and feel to the user. The most interesting feature I added was the cards on the front screen that generate translations based on the location you’re in. Say you’re at a local coffee shop in Barcelona. As soon as you open your app the cards are ready with translations you might need on the fly. For example, “Does your restroom here have a code?” or “What is your favorite drink on the menu here?”

Before Redesign

The Speak and Translate app, available on the app store was full of crazy pop up ads and was too simple. Buttons didn’t make sense and the interactions were old and dated. 

After Redesign

The new design is branded similarly to the new iPhone IOS and is overall more crisp and fresh. Its easier to simply translate what you want when you want. And the new location-based cards add a fun new feature.