The Nordic

The Nordic Museum Rebrand was a quarter long project in my Corporate Identity Class. We were required to create a new logo, stationery, tee shirts, advertisements and posters, and decide on a color palette and typography. At the end we needed to tie all the designs in the system we created and bind them in a brand guidelines book.

Corporate identity is the visual and verbal expression of an organization’s brand. The elements that comprise the identity system generally include a logo, typeface(s), iconography, color palette, imagery, layout principles and a verbal style, or “voice.”




Deep Onyx


Swedish Grey


Pop Orange


Fossil Grey


Elegant Charcoal


Creating a

System for the

Nordic Museum

The most important aspect of the designs I was creating for the brand of The Nordic was that it created a large scale system that could be applied in all sorts of ways. This system would be bound together in a brand guidelines book that essentially would be used as a tool for museum staff to keep the facility, stationary, and all other materials consistent and constantly invoking the Nordic spirit through the designs.


Din Condensed Bold

Din Alternate Bold

Adelle PE Regular

Brand Guidelines

Below is the full booklet of brand guidelines that I created for The Nordic Heritage Museum. If you would like to see the physical copy with a laser-cut front cover in matte black please feel free to contact me!