Hello! I’m Tallon, a coffee addicted, plant-obsessed, Seattle-based designer.


Multiple projects for employers/university.


I am always looking for new and intertesting opportunities.

My Story

I’ve learned that hard work, practice, and keeping up your craft is essential to succeeding as a designer. I am a firm believer in the whole process, not just the end result. I have learned in my time at the University of Washington that excellence is an ongoing and continuous process. Currently, I am working at a software company called SeekOut as a visual designer.

Some of my other gigs are listed here as well. Feel free to check out my full resume on the about page!

Where I’ve Worked

2020 - Now

Visual Designer at SeekOut

2020 - Nov. 2020

App Design at Pushpay


Designer at Motis People


Visual Design Intern for Blink UX


Design/Marketing Innovation at Precept Wine